Family questions investigation after finding gun in murder victim's car

In Dexter Brown's white Dodge Magnum, it's clear from the outside that evidence technicians dusted the car for fingerprints but on the inside, his family discovered a gun.

On Sept. 5 at 135th Place near Keystone Avenue, the 34-year-old father of three was gunned down in the street in Robbins. He was there to pick up his girlfriend. 

His car was towed away and brought to the Cook County Sheriff’s Department. There, a search for clues began to help solve the case. 

The family got the car back eight days later and took a picture of a loaded handgun underneath the front seat. They also snapped a picture once the evidence technician came to retrieve the gun. 
"He asked us did we call anyone, not going down correctly,” said Scooter Washington.

Now, Brown’s mother has questioned if the sheriff's department is doing a thorough investigation into how he was killed.

So far, they have no answers.

"My daughter has video around her house, so they gave it to them so to show that we didn't put a gun in the car or nothing like that,” said Cynthia Harris, Brown’s mother.

The sheriff's department released the following statement on the case:

"The firearm has been recovered from the car. The office has launched an investigation of the situation and will take appropriate action, if warranted, once all the facts are known."

The Cook County Sheriff’s Department wouldn't elaborate further. 

Brown’s homicide remains unsolved.