Family struggling to raise funds to keep quadruplets alive


(FOX News) - A set of premature quadruplet boys in China are under intensive hospital care, leading their parents to desperately try to raise money to cover the expenses, Central European News (CEN) reported.

The boys, born in central China’s Hunan Province, each weigh between 2.2 and 2.6 pounds. They are being kept in incubators in the intensive care unit of the First People’s Hospital of Chenzhou.

Their around-the-clock care costs about $786 a day and could reach nearly $31,000, which parents Yaoming, 25, and Yaxiang, 26, say they can’t afford.

The couple has already borrowed $3,100 from family and friends, and it has received donations and subsidies from the local government, the hospital and the public. Yaoming’s village has so far collected $1,000.

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