Fans get physical during Crosstown Classic

The Crosstown Classic ended with fists flying through Guaranteed Rate Field Saturday night. Just a small percentage of those who attended the game witnessed the fights up close. But, a good number have now seen them online, and they’re outraged that some would take their dispute to a level of physical violence in a family setting like major league baseball.  It happened Saturday night when the White Sox lost to the Cubs. Fans call those fighting in the stands the biggest losers.

“It’s ridiculous, yea, you come here to have a good time,” said Erica Rhodes who is a baseball fan from Michigan.

“It’s ridiculous, yea, nobody needs all that,” said Jennifer Smith, Sox fan.

As the game continued, multiple fights broke out involving both Cubs and Sox fans, and it was both men and women throwing the punches, shoving and pulling hair.

“Obviously alcohol played a part in most of it,” said Jim Teruel, Cubs fan.

Jim Teruel’s shocked as he looks at the video posted online.

“I’m a Cubs fan. Play the Sox, I want the Cubs to win. But ultimately at the end we all want our Chicago teams to win. So fighting over that, violence? Stupid!” said Teruel.

A day later, north siders and south siders have the same reaction.

“Wah, ooh, she punched her in the face, that’s horrible!” said Isabella Hart, Cubs fan.

“You would expect you should be able to be safe and have fun with your family, kids, like you said, in the stands, so it’s a little ridiculous.” said Jeremy Smith, Sox fan.

And when players hear the news...

“Hopefully nobody got hurt, so…that’s not something you want to see though, No, you want to see the fans enjoying the game and we put on a good show for them, so,” said Yolmer Sanchez, White Sox player.

But, the Crosstown Classic sets the stage for rivalry, often a friendly one, between friends and family.

Steve Pearson is a Cubs fan. His friend Phil Peoples is a White Sox fan. The two joked after the game. Pearson said about Peoples, “He already know that the Cubs are the champions and he’s got to fall back for a minute, that’s all.” To that, Peoples responded, “Well it took them quite a long time to win. So that’s okay (pats his friend on the back).” 

One fan said fighting doesn’t seem at all unusual when the Cubs and Sox play each other.

“It’s gonna happen. Just steer clear!” said Ryan Krester, baseball fan.

Chicago police made no arrests after Saturday’s game and say there was nothing significant to report after today’s game.