Fast food exec Puzder is Trump's pick for Labor secretary

FOX 32 NEWS - Analyst say middle-class, blue-collar voters elected Donald Trump, and now Trump critics claim he's filling his cabinet with fellow business moguls and billionaires. 

He named another Thursday to run the Department of Labor.

Trump's choice for Labor Secretary is currently C.E.O. of several fast-food restaurant chains. He's long complained that raising the minimum wage kills jobs.

"I've been opposed to minimum wage increases that kill jobs. And a lot of these state increases are to that level, where they would kill jobs,” said Andy Puzder.

Puzder's not the only Trump cabinet nominee who would take his department in a totally different direction than President Obama's Administration.

Trump's pick for Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, is a multi-billionaire and longtime supporter of school vouchers and charter schools. Teachers unions, who sometimes complained about Arne Duncan, Obama's former education chief, are outraged by DeVos. Gov. Rauner, another foe of public employee unions, gave her a rave review.

“I do know Betsy Devos. I have great respect for her. I think she's very talented, a very passionate education advocate. And I personally am a believer in school choice,” Rauner said.

Other contrarian nominees include Ben Carson, who was named to run Housing and Urban Development. Carson has attacked federal fair housing policy and many social safety net programs.

Trump's choice for the Environmental Protection Agency is Scott Pruitt, a self-described enemy of the agency. Trump claims EPA has destroyed "millions of jobs" and has vowed to dismantle policies intended to reduce climate change.

Look for a fierce fight over each of these nominations in the senate, though. It's not yet clear how far Democrats will go to block any of them.

The president-elect has not yet filled one of the most important cabinet posts: secretary of state. His advisors say Trump is considering 11 different candidates.