Father of the bride disappears at California wedding

Prasad Moparti watched his daughter walk down the aisle on her wedding day, and then he vanished. The 55-year-old father of the bride left his daughter’s picturesque California wedding on Saturday afternoon and hasn’t been seen since the reception, FOX40 reported.

“I think he just went for a casual walk because one of my family members actually saw him walking down the road,” said Durga Moparti, Prasad’s daughter.

But the effort to find Prasad has been complicated by his seemingly voluntary stroll and his demeanor before disappearing. Prasad flew in from India about a month ago for the Walnut Grove wedding and was described as being recently homesick.

“It sounded like he was a little depressed and he wanted to go back to India,” Durga told KFOR. And while the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department has searched for Prasad, they’ve classified him as a “voluntary missing person.”

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