Father, son charged with beating private investigator in Lake County

Russell Wright, 23, (right) and Steven Wright, 62 (left)

A man and his father are facing felony charges after allegedly beating a private investigator Wednesday in suburban Antioch.

Russell Wright, 23, and Steven Wright, 62, allegedly attacked the investigator while he was conducting surveillance for a case about 5:30 p.m. in the 24700 block of West Nicklaus Way, the Lake County sheriff’s office said.

The Wrights are each charged with felony counts of robbery, aggravated battery and criminal damage to property, the sheriff’s office said.

They allegedly approached the investigator, who was sitting in his car with a camera, and used a vehicle to block his car from escaping, the sheriff’s office said.

The duo then allegedly forced the car door open, slapped the camera from the investigator’s hands and beat him, the sheriff’s office said.

The investigator dialed 911 but one of the men grabbed his phone and smashed it on the ground, the sheriff’s office said.

The call still went through and deputies were dispatched to the area, the sheriff’s office said. Both Wright men were arrested at the scene.

The investigator was not surveilling the pair when the attack happened and had let the sheriff’s office know he would be in the area. There is no known connection between the two parties, the sheriff’s office said.

Steven and Russell Wright are each being held at the Lake County Jail on $40,000 bail. Steven Wright is due back in court Jan. 26, while his son is expected to appear the next day.