Fenton High School scandal: Bomb threats, sexual assault allegations roil community

Calls for accountability have intensified in suburban Bensenville following sexual assault allegations against a former high school teacher. Now, pressure is mounting for a top administrator to step down.

The Bensenville Board of Trustees convened Tuesday evening, where the future of Fenton High School dominated a public comment section of the meeting.

Since the sexual misconduct allegations were brought to light in early March, parents and students have demanded the resignation of Fenton Community High School District 100 Superintendent James Ongtengco. Thus far, no members of the school board have resigned.

While the school board is embroiled in controversy, Fenton High School has been at the center of two bomb threats in recent days.  

On Tuesday morning, police responded after a bomb threat was made via email against Fenton High School and Supt. Ongtengco. Although students are on spring break this week, some sports teams were practicing at the school and were evacuated while police conducted a sweep of the premises.

Last Friday, another bomb threat against the school prompted class cancelations and a building evacuation.

Bensenville Police Chief Daniel Schulze says both bomb threats came from the same sender and originated outside of the United States. He added that the same sender also made similar threats to other schools elsewhere in the country on Friday.

On both occasions, Fenton High School was evacuated, bomb-sniffing dogs searched the property, and no explosives were found.

These threats come amid heightened scrutiny of the school board's handling of allegations of sexual misconduct against a former educator.  

"We are outraged and heartbroken that this was allowed to happen in our community," said Billy Camp, Fenton High School student.

Recent disclosures from the administration reveal they’ve received numerous reports of sexual misconduct involving the educator in question dating as far back as 2011.

The former teacher has not yet been named by FOX 32, as charges have not been filed.

"Most importantly, we demand answers," said Camp.


'You failed to protect me': Students speak out during heated meeting at Fenton High School

New bombshell accusations were made public on Wednesday at a scandal-plagued Fenton High School.

Despite allegations stemming from the early 2010s, the teacher was only dismissed earlier this month – and community members are demanding to know why.

"The fact that this monster entered the school district that I cherish so dearly, so soon after I graduated, it hurts to know there are now grown women that could have been abused by this man," said Sarah Moore, graduate, Fenton High School.

Last week, Village President Frank DeSimone wrote a letter calling on Supt. Ongtengco to step down.

"I have not received a response to that letter yet," said DeSimone. "This issue will not be swept under the rug. I will not stand for that."

Parents and students say the school community cannot move forward without a shake-up on the board.

"Every day I feel like there’s more and more people that should step down," said David Johnson, parent. "I’m very disappointed. I’ve attended two meetings here at the school and I do not feel that the board, the school board, has really addressed this issue."

"I just hope the pressure is on, I hope the pressure is on for the board to make the right choice," echoed Andrea Vallone, parent. "If [Ongtengco] wants what’s best for our community, which he says he does, then he will step down."

FOX 32 Chicago was in contact with a spokesperson for Fenton Community High School District 100 on Tuesday evening, who said the district does not have an updated statement to provide at this time.

The next school board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 24.

The Bensenville Police Department is handling the investigation into the former teacher.

FOX 32 Chicago reached out to the DuPage County State's Attorney's Office to see if charges are pending but did not immediately hear back.