Fight erupts inside Lincoln Park High School following peaceful protest

A brawl inside Lincoln Park High School was captured on a student's cellphone.

It is the latest flare-up in what has been a chaotic week for the highly-rated high school on Chicago’s North Side.

There was a heavy police presence outside Lincoln Park High School as the dismissal bell rang Thursday afternoon, ending another tumultuous day.

"I'm just concerned about what's gonna’ happen next. There's a lot of stuff going on right now,” said student Isabella Duran.

The day started with a peaceful sit-in protest by about 50 students who are still angry at CPS over the sudden dismissal of the school's three top administrators last week.

But then, things got out of hand. At least four brawls erupted in the school's hallways, prompting a school lockdown. Chicago police were called to help restore order.

At least one student was carried out and taken to the hospital with an ankle injury.

"First you just hear a lot of yelling. You look around and it's just like people running,” said student Abbie Lederer.

By lunchtime, some parents were taking their kids out of school.

"I'm coming to pick my son up from early dismissal. I'm just concerned about their safety right now,” said parent Yasir Bezirgan.

Students say the fights started because of a leadership vacuum in the school. CPS removed the principal, assistant principal and dean after allegations of sexual and financial misconduct, and canceled the remainder of the boys’ basketball season.

On Wednesday, one of three interim administrators was removed after a video surfaced appearing to show her put her hands on a student's face.

"Supposedly they've got administrators in charge of the school but we haven't even met them, so I don't even know who's in charge,” said student Samantha Ortiz.

A group of Lincoln Park parents met with the alderman Thursday and plan to hold a news conference outside the school Friday morning.