Final vote on Northwestern's new Ryan Field project expected next week

The Evanston City Council is facing a contentious decision regarding Northwestern University's $800 million football stadium reconstruction project.

The proposal has sparked heated debates among council members, creating an even divide.

While the project promises to bring more than $100 million in payments to the city and generate economic benefits from increased tourism, residents living near the stadium are expressing concerns about potential noise disruptions from live concerts.

A final vote on the project is scheduled for Monday, and it's possible that Mayor Daniel Biss may have to cast the tie-breaking vote.

"This project, that Evanston will be taking on if they vote for it, will help so many people. Over 3,000 jobs," said Dan Allen, who supports the project. He and others said the $850 million proposed stadium will bring positive economic impact and tax revenue for Evanston.

However, other residents are not keen on the idea of more noise, traffic, and less parking.

"All combined, this dramatic increase in a family residential community without adequate parking and streets is a major reason why so many of us are opposed to the zoning change. Please vote against this ill-conceived proposal," said Bob Sopel.

The project outcome remains uncertain at this time. We will find out on Monday.