Firefighters hampered by debris at hoarder house on fire

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Firefighters faced a lot of problems at this hoarder house on fire in North Riverside (photo courtesy Gordon Nord)

Firefighters in suburban North Riverside had to work for an hour just to get five feet inside the door of a hoarder house on fire Sunday morning.

It took over 50 firefighters five hours to get inside the home and put out hot spots. They had to clear a path by hand, because there was so much debris inside. 

No one was hurt during the fire, which started around 2 a.m. Once the sun came up, large piles of debris could be seen outside.

"For your safety, your family's, and emergency personnel, please remember to keep paths of egress in your home open," the North Riverside Fire Department said in a press release. "Maintain conditions inside enough that if you unfortunately have an emergency, responding personal can quickly and efficiently save life and property."