US could see first pill to treat postpartum depression this summer

The United States could see the world's first pill to treat postpartum depression this summer. 

The pill would be the second treatment specifically for the condition and is much easier to administer than the previous drug. 

Health officials said this could be a game changer for new moms who are struggling with severe postpartum. In the past, moms would have had to wait weeks for anti-depressants to take effect or undergo a 60-hour IV drip of the current medication to combat this condition. 


Postpartum depression affects about one in seven new mothers.  Symptoms range from deep despair and frequent crying to thoughts of hurting the baby or not connecting with the child. 

This new medicine will allow doctors to treat the condition instantly, with few side effects.

"Really what we're looking at is a rapid response rate as well as an acute way to treat symptoms. That's where it is exciting that the mode of action, we expect to see a quicker response with these newer medications," said Dr. Danesh Alam from Northwestern Medicine Behavioral Health Services.

Those with a family history of depression are more likely to develop postpartum depression.