'Flat Francis' marks Pope's visit to the U.S.

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) -Pope Francis will celebrate Mass Tuesday at Cuba's most revered shrine, where he will speak with families, underscoring one of the big themes of his visit to Cuba. After mass, the Pope will head to Washington D.C. for his first ever visit to the United States. 

When the Pope addresses the United Nations in New York on Friday, the Vatican flag will be raised at the gates for the first time. 

Thousands of Catholic faithfuls are flocking out east for their chance to get a glimpse of the Pope. But for those here in Chicago who can't make the trip, there's another option - and it's a fun one!

The Catholic Extension created a "Flat Francis" campaign to officially welcome Pope Francis to America. 

'Flat Francis' is a life-size version of the Pope that will be available at Daley Plaza for Chicago commuters to take a photograph with and post their own greeting to the pope using the hashtag #FlatFrancis.