Fleet of 1,000 electric scooters return to downtown Chicago

Lyft, the owner of Divvy bikes, debuted a new docking station Tuesday in Chicago that can accommodate both bikes and electric scooters.

The company demonstrated the docking station outside the Thompson Center at Randolph and Clark Streets because bicycle ride-sharing is so popular in Chicago.

Scooters are supposed to be used on the street or in bike lanes, not on sidewalks. 


The city of Chicago did two test programs and found commuters were using the scooters for that last mile of their trip. 

These days, with parking rates and gas prices climbing and weather improving, the city expects scooters will become even more popular. 

Divvy retrofitted 230 docking stations to accommodate the scooters. Other scooter companies will operate in the neighborhoods. A total of 1,000 scooters will be available for use in Chicago by the end of June.