Florida man shows deputies his marijuana plant, gets arrested

Body camera footage shows a man in Bunnell showing off his home-grown pot plant to deputies.

The video shows deputies speaking with Arthur Carracino, who was smoking marijuana when they arrived in reference to a call for service.

Arthur was reportedly speaking very erratically and talking about smoking marijuana. He eventually led deputies to his nearly two-foot tall pot plant, which he admitted that he grew.

The deputies asked him if he had a marijuana card, to which he said "yeah, yeah, I do. I'm working on it." He went on to say that "It's in the f---ing house. Come on, guys. Let's talk."

While walking back to his home, Carracino told deputies that "you've got to smoke a bowl with me please."

Deputies arrested Carracino and he is now facing charges for producing marijuana. Once in the patrol car, he told deputies that "I need a cup of Starbucks. Anywhere local we can get one?" 

This story was written out of Orlando, Florida.

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