Food Truck Festival returns to the Loop

Lunch in the Loop got more interesting on Friday with the return of Chicago's Food Truck Festival.

This festival brings a rolling selection of local spots to serve up lunch every Friday. The popular event was cancelled last year due to COVID-19, but now it has returned to Daley Plaza.

"On a nice day, just relax and enjoy and try different foods, whether you've had it or not, just do something different for lunch instead of sitting at your desk," said Teresa Lee, who is a big fan of the festival. 

In addition to bringing several lunch options, the festival is also bringing life back to the Loop.

"Definitely weird because you're used to all the traffic on the streets and that's not back yet," said Jennifer Koncel.

 There were just four trucks and a smaller crowd on Friday, but the consensus is that it's a good start.

"Right now, it's only four, but that's okay, we're getting confidence starting over, so I'm gonna go with what they got for me right now," said Lee.


For the Fat Shallot, the truck is a way to serve up their giant sandwiches, outside of their restaurant.

"We stayed open throughout the whole pandemic, so we're excited that now we actually get to share that joy with everybody," said Katie Gesoff from The Fat Shallot.

A rotating selection of food trucks will serve up lunch through the middle of October at Daley Plaza, making lunch time in the Loop a lot tastier.