Fourth of July weekend festivities kick off in Des Plaines

In Des Plaines Friday night, it was a field of energetic celebration for all those ready to kick off Independence Day weekend.

"Being outdoors gives me peace and tranquility and the vibe with the disk jockey, I’m over here dancing," one woman said.

Five-thousand people were expected to attend the fireworks display at Oakton Community College. Doors opened at 7 p.m.


The annual event attracts people from all over. Folks brought their lawn chairs, food, and their furry friends as well.

"I’m ready for fireworks," one man said. "I just like the boom."

Prior to the show, kids had a blast whether tossing the ball around, showing off their hula-hoop skills, or blowing bubbles.

The event returned in full force since the Covid-19 pandemic. Whether eating a popsicle or doing cartwheels, many people were excited to just enjoy family time together.

"Time with family is very important. We gotta spend moments with the ones we love," an attendee said.