FOX 32 News surprises Chicago restaurant with $10,000 grant

FOX 32 took part in delivering a big surprise to the couple behind Polombia, a food stall at urban space that offers a fusion of Polish and Columbian cuisine.

It's where empanadas meet pierogis, in a new creation, empariogis.

Owners Phillip Sobon, who's Polish, and Cynthia Orobio, the Colombian half of the operation, applied for a Feed the Soul Foundation Grant, and FOX 32 got to serve up the surprise.

"We're still waiting to hear back from them but..," Orobio said before Fox 32's Roseanne Tellez interrupted her with the big news.


"Well I have to stop you because I've been lying to you all morning. Guess what I have," Tellez said. "They have won the grant - $10,000 from the Feed the Soul Foundation."

"That's so awesome to hear! Thank you for coming in and surprising us like that," Orobio said.

The grant money is part of Restaurant Business Development cohort program that the couple hopes will help them grow their business.