FOX 32 videographer, Chicago police help reunite puppy with owner

An adorable puppy is back home thanks, in part, to a FOX 32 videographer!

A FOX 32 crew was on Montrose Beach Tuesday morning when they spotted Chicago police trying to catch a lost puppy on the run. 

Videographer Ed Flynn stepped in and tried to lure the dog with a breakfast muffin, but the little guy wouldn't take the bait. Finally, Flynn makes his move!


The dog had no collar or tag, so officers decided to take him back to the 19th District.

Police now confirm his owners picked him up. His name is Bruno and he took off when someone set off fireworks at the beach. 

He had been missing all night.

Hats off to both of those officers for taking the time to try to get this pup home and good job, Flynn.