Frozen dog found dumped behind Detroit party store

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A horrible case of animal cruelty caught on camera, showing someone dumping the body of a dead dog outside a Detroit liquor store.

Lisa Jabbori is utterly disgusted and furious that a person would treat an animal like garbage. 

"You don't just take it outside and dump it," she said. "This person obviously has no empathy or compassion to do something like that."

Friends with the owner of First Class Liquor on Eastlawn and Warren in Detroit, Lisa Jabbori says he called her Tuesday morning appalled.

"He noticed something next door covered in blankets," she said. "And he went over there and it was a dog."

The poor pup was found behind his store frozen to death. It's fluffy tail and paws were exposed only partially covered with an old blanket. The owner quickly reviewed his surveillance footage.

"He actually saw a man in a pick-up truck pull up and dispose of the dog, right there," Jabbori said.

On video the driver's face is unclear but the truck appears to be a beige Ford F-150. You can see the dog in the back when it pulls in, then only a snow shovel inside when pulling away.

"(We called) animal control, no answer," Jabbori said. "We called all day. So the poor thing was out there all night by itself in the cold just deceased."

After hearing about what happened to this poor dog, Detroit Dog Rescue picked up the dog and cremated it. And that's not all.

"We are offering a $2,500 reward for information leading to a conviction in this case," Kristina Rinaldi said.

Rinaldi, the executive director of the Detroit Dog Rescue, says Wednesday as the temperatures have dropped -- they've been overwhelmed with calls.

"We are seeing a lot of dogs frozen to death right now," Rinaldi said.

She wants to remind dog owners to keep their pets inside during these extreme lows.

"No animal should be outside, it is just way too cold," Jabbori said.

Rinaldi is unsure if this dog was left out of desperation or pure cruelty.

"I hate to think that people are just that cruel," she said. "I would hate to think that someone could do that to that dog, but unfortunately we do see that."

They are hoping someone recognizes this truck and speaks up for this pup.

"I hope this person is caught, prosecuted and an example is made of them," said Jabbori. "And stop the horrible treatment of animals."