Gas station owners threatening to go to court to block Illinois from posting a notice on fuel pumps

A group representing gas station owners is threatening to go to court.

They want to block the state of Illinois from posting a notice on every fuel pump.

The notice informs drivers of a six-month delay in Illinois' latest tax increase on gasoline.

A Republican lawmaker said soaring gasoline prices mean the sales tax on gasoline could bring in $400 million more than the state of Illinois expected just two months ago.

Democrats responded that the idea of requiring a sign at every pump about the deferred two cents a gallon tax increase copies an idea implemented by former Republican Gov. George Ryan.


"I was most suprised when they admitted that precedent for this was done under Gov. George Ryan, who wasn't known for the best campaign practices," said Rep. Mark Batinick. "Don't let your vote be bought with your own money. That's probably the easiest way I would put it."

A spokeswoman for Gov. Pritzker said, "We will continue to put working families first, no matter how much Republicans want to manufacture phony political complaints."