Investigation into controversial yearbook page at Glenbrook South ends

The investigation regarding a controversial yearbook page at a north suburban high school is over.

In the Glenbrook South yearbook, there's a page on the War in Gaza.

It included a partial quote from a student that read, "I saw what Palestine did, and I was happy because they're finally defending themselves."

The attorney who handled the investigation into the yearbook page said he interviewed administrators, the yearbook advisor and three students involved.

He said in the recorded interview with the student who said that, the student journalist asked, "What are your opinions on the War in Gaza?" 

And the quoted student's answer never referenced Oct. 7.

Parents at a Board Meeting Monday night expressed frustration with how the situation was handled and the lack of consequences for the yearbook advisor.

The yearbook advisor said they had several conversations with the yearbook's editors-in-chief and that "two of whom are Jewish and neither viewed the statement as anti-Semitic."

No disciplinary action was announced Monday. The next Board Meeting will take place on July 8.

Until then, they will review the findings of the investigation.