Georgia couple gives birth to quadruplets

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The Banks County couple pregnant with quadruplets has had her babies at 30 weeks.

Julie and Justin Davidson conceived the babies naturally, and needless to say were shocked to learn they were having quadruplets. Monday, the happy couple invited NewsRadio 106.7’s Christy Hutchings into the NIC unit to be introduced to McKenna, Callie, Tiegan and Sawyer.

For now, the Davidson will have to be patient with the little contact they get with their four girls. They can hold the babies only one hour a day until they get a little bigger.

The staff at Northeast Georgia Medical Center in Gainesville will say it took a team to pull the delivery off. They even had mock run through to make sure they didn’t run into any surprises before they were born Saturday.

“It got everyone’s wheels turning of “OK, I may not be involved in this mock delivery, but what will my role be once all four babies are born and how will be accomplish it.”

And it went off without a hitch.

“When they took out the third baby, I was like ‘I can breathe again!’” said Julie Davidson.

Julie had been at the hospital for seven weeks on bed rest, but Saturday, doctors decided it was time and at 4:27 McKenna arrived.

“It was just crazy. You get nervous and then you see him pull it out and you just see the baby just moving and you know it’s good. Then the next one, the next one,” Justin reflected.

All four babies were out in two minutes. Dr. Armandon Castillo said the girls are doing great.

“We are expecting that they’re going to have a very good outcome after getting out of here,” said Dr. Castillo.

The babies are expected to stay in the hospital through the middle of March.

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