Georgia GOP lawmakers introduce bills to limit mail voting

Republican state lawmakers introduced several bills aimed at changing the way elections are run in Georgia.

The proposals include ending no excuse absentee voting, banning ballot drop boxes and requiring a photo I.D. to get an absentee ballot. Other bills under consideration would prevent new Georgia residents from voting in runoff elections and ban nonprofits from mailing absentee ballot applications to voters.

"Georgia had a safe and secure election with record turnout, and we're going to do everything to expand the right to vote," said Helen Butler, the Executive Director for Georgia Coalition for the People's Agenda.

At a news conference on Tuesday, voting rights advocate groups came out in solidarity against the Republican backed bills.

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"It's a shame that they're trying to appease people that believe these conspiracy theories and lies to make it harder for everyday Georgians to vote," said Jerry Gonzalez, the CEO of GALEO.

Republican Senator Larry Walker introduced one of the election bills requiring a photo I.D. in connection to an absentee ballot.

"My bill simply requires, that if you're going to request a mail-in ballot, that you add your driver's license number or state I.D. along with date of birth," said Walker.

Walker supports some aspects of the other bills, but also does not believe there was widespread fraud in Georgia's election in November. Walker believes his bill would add an extra layer of security for absentee voting.

"I feel like President Biden won the election, but the doubt has been sown in so many people's minds, and we do see areas where we can improve and tighten up election security," said Walker.

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