Giraffes at Brookfield Zoo enjoy early spring weather

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Photos taken by Kelly Tone/Chicago Zoological Society

BROOKFIELD — It is a sure sign that spring has arrived at Brookfield Zoo when the giraffes can be seen outside at the Habitat Africa! The Savannah exhibit. With warmer temperatures predicted for the remainder of the week, Animal Programs staff took advantage of Tuesday's weather and gave the giraffes access to their outdoor habitat.

This annual event is always exciting to witness, and guests who ventured out to the zoo today, were not disappointed as they watched Potoka, a 2-year-old male, running.

The other members of the herd—Arnieta, 10, Jasiri, 11, and Mithra, 26—didn’t seem the need to kick up their hooves, but undoubtedly they too enjoyed the warm weather.

Reticulated giraffes’ are native to northeast Kenya in Africa, so the outdoor temperature at the zoo needs to be at least 45-50°F for them to have access outside.