Giveaway: Tombstone offering free pizza — but only to people who live on this spooky street

Tombstone’s Elm Street Giveaway (Tombstone)

You definitely shouldn’t sleep... on this chance to win free pizza. 

Tombstone, which is billing itself as the official pizza brand of Halloween, is offering people a chance to win free pizza — but first, they must brave living on a real-life Elm Street anywhere across the United States, according to a Tombstone spokesperson.

Tombstone will give away free pizzas while supplies last and one lucky winner will win free pizzas for a year.  

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The giveaway begins on Oct. 3 through Oct. 31. Residents living on Elm Street — any Elm Street across the U.S. — and wishing to enter the giveaway can do so online.  

And for those who may be wondering, "Why Elm Street?" it’s a reference to horror maestro Wes Craven's classic slasher film from the '80s titled, "A Nightmare on Elm Street" starring then-teen heartthrob Johnny Depp, Nancy Thompson and Robert Englund as the horrifying Freddy Krueger.

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Thompson’s character, as well as Depp’s, become targets of the spirit of a serial killer (Freddy Krueger) that wields a bladed glove and attacks them in their dreams (more so nightmares). The scariest part is, if Freddy gets them in their sleep, they will die in "real life."  

The "Nightmare on Elm Street" franchise birthed 10 movies, including a crossover film in 2003 when "Friday the 13th" antagonist Jason Voorhees and Krueger duke it out in a battle royale.  

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There is a limit of one entry per person for the giveaway and entrants must be 19 years of age to apply if they are a resident of Alabama or Nebraska and 21 if they are residents of Mississippi. Entrants in all other U.S. states must be 18 years or older. 

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