Goal Achieved: Park Forest police officer wounded 5 years ago becomes detective

Five years ago, a rookie Park Forest police officer was critically wounded during a shootout, and he had a goal as a rookie of becoming a detective.

Now, Timothy Jones has achieved that goal.

"It's going to mean a great deal to him. It's going to mean a good deal to all of us," said Tim's father, Chief William Jones.


As a rookie, when Jones was critically wounded in the line of duty in March of 2016 while taking an armed suspect into custody, he had his sights set on earning the rank of detective.

"That was his goal from Day One," his father said.

Doctors initially did not think Jones would survive after being shot three times in the head and neck. He suffered a traumatic brain injury, but defied the odds.

"It's exciting for us all, today. It's been an extremely long and tumultuous journey for us over the last five years," dad said.

At Monday’s virtual meeting, jones was described as a symbol of hope for all who face adversity.

Tim’s father said his son is in very good spirits, is a very strong individual, and continues to make progress in his recovery every day.