All hooves on deck for Goat Yoga Chicago

Goat yoga is increasing in popularity and with a trip to South Barrington, it is easy to see why.

If you are suffering from stress or other mental health concerns, the folks at Goat Yoga Chicago at the Arboretum like to say: "We goat your back."

"If you visit us for goat yoga, you will hear us talk about our passion for improving mental health and promoting mental wellness through yoga and animal assisted therapy," founder Danielle Kerr said.  

Kerr said there is something "soothing" about the presence of the goats, who have free run of the studio during yoga sessions here.


Naturally drawn to hills, the goats climb on participants backs readily.

"It's like a massage," said Regan Catania, a first-timer. "It felt like a deep tissue massage. I'm surprised at how friendly they are. I could use this every morning when I wake up."

There are accidents, goats are animals after all, but nothing that can't be swept up or towel dried.

Kerr said the classes are popular and growing. She offers outdoor classes in Barrington and at a farm in Elgin on the weekends, and soon she'll be bringing aerial yoga to the Barrington Studio as well.

She said people can sign up for individual classes or group outings at