Good News Guarantee: Veterinarians give special gifts to sick children at Chicago's Lurie Hospital

You could call it a gift with a porpoise.  

Veterinarians from across the country are meeting in Chicago for their annual leadership conference. This weekend, they were busy diving into a service project to benefit the patients at Lurie Children’s Hospital.   pets

"When I was little, I treated my stuffed animals," said Dr. Lori Teller, President of the Schaumburg-based American Veterinary Medical Association. "I pretended like they were my patients and that I was taking care of them and so I hope some of these children can be inspired just as well."  


Each time the doctors from the AVMA meet, they perform a special project to help the community. This time, their donating plush dolphins to the Lurie patients.  

"We're sending a sheet of instructions with them on what it would look like to be doing a dolphin exam. I just hope they can learn from that and appreciate what veterinarians do to take care of all the animals in the world," added Teller.  

The AVMA raises funds for each project. In year’s past they’ve painted murals for hospitals and provided free veterinary care for the homeless.   

Research shows caring for our pets can lower blood pressure and alleviate heart disease.  More than anything, pets can bring comfort during a challenging time.  

"Many of us are parents and have children as well. We just want to do something to help alleviate any of the pain that they may be feeling and hope that we can bring a little sunshine to their day," said Teller.  

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