Grandfather talks about shooting of 3-year-old by brother

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CHICAGO (AP) — The grandfather of a 3-year-old Chicago boy who was accidentally shot to death by his 6-year-old brother says the older boy appeared to be in shock afterward.

Israel LaSalle said Monday that after the shooting, the 6-year-old ran upstairs and "as I opened the door, he told me that somebody had shot Eian."

Police said the boys were playing Saturday when the older boy reached atop a refrigerator, grabbed a loaded handgun and accidentally shot 3-year-old Eian Santiago.

LaSalle says the boys had gone downstairs to get bleach to use to clean up after their dog.

The boys' father, 25-year-old Michael Santiago, is being held on $75,000 bond on a felony child endangerment charge. Police say the father told investigators he obtained the gun illegally from a gang member.