Great Dane sets record at North Carolina rescue for largest litter: ‘We could not believe it’

Perfectly Imperfect Pups, a North Carolina rescue took in a pregnant Great Dane named Meadow, earlier this month.

Two days later, and much to the rescue’s surprise, Meadow ended up giving birth to 15 puppies. 

"It’s the largest litter we have ever seen," Nicole Kincaid, the rescue’s founder and director, shared. "We could not believe it when we heard she had 15 pups, and most of them male! We are so excited for their bright future!" 

Meadow's litter is the largest the rescue has seen in its three years of operation. (The world record for the largest litter of puppies is 24, according to the Guinness World Records.)


Meadow, a Great Dane, ended up giving birth to 15 puppies. (Credit: Perfectly Imperfect Pups)

PIPs announced the record-breaking litter on social media, writing, "Puppies, puppies and more puppies!! Mama Meadow and her crew are doing great."

Kincaid said that Meadow’s foster mom has been making sure all the pooches are eating, supplement feeding, and being weighed daily, to ensure all puppies are gaining weight and getting what they need. PIPs also noted that they are feeding Meadow extra, and she came to the rescue "very underweight for being pregnant." 

Meadow had a sad beginning, according to the rescue. She gave birth to another litter in February 2023 and then was passed around to five different homes, due to no fault of her own.


Meadow's litter is the largest the rescue has seen in its three years of operation. (Credit: Perfectly Imperfect Pups)

"It makes me so sad that Meadow had such an unsteady past; being bounced around is no life for a dog. We are thrilled to have her in the rescue and this will be her last litter and her next home will be her forever home," Kincaid continued. 

The rescue said it has already received applications and hundreds of messages about adopting her or the puppies when they are ready to go home. They said they also have received donations, as well, which is helping to provide food and medical care for all 15 puppies.

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Kincaid said she hopes this story guides the public to spay and neuter their dogs.

"It's a simple procedure, and this would prevent accidental litters like hers. At 2.5 years old, she should be playing with other dogs, snoozing on the couch and instead, she is feeding 15 puppies!," she concluded.

This story was reported from Los Angeles.