Grieving Chicago moms call for no shootings this Mother's Day weekend

There’s a cry for peace this Mother's Day from those who've suffered the loss of a son or daughter to gun violence.

FOX 32’s Kristen Nicole met with a group of moms gathered outside St. Sabina Church Friday who have one simple request.

The group of mom's isn't asking for much this holiday weekend. They’re just asking for a quiet couple of days in the streets, so that their group of grieving mothers doesn't continue to grow.

There’s a story behind every photo that was held outside of St. Sabina Church on Friday.

“I have a daughter and granddaughter. I still have them, but they are no longer on this Earth. Why? Due to preventable gun violence,” said Yolan Corner, a Chicago Survivors Board Member.

Corner was in the company of dozens of other women who share the pain of having to bury a child. For Debra Butler, this Sunday will be the fifth Mother's Day without her son, Jeffrey.

“He died July 9th, so I got my last gift and each year it just sits there, it's on the table and I just look at it and cry.  Why would someone take my son?  Why?” Butler said.

Because of their experiences, the second Sunday in May isn't a time for celebration. This year, it's about a call to action.

“The goal is no shooting during this Mother's Day weekend. We're begging you, please stop shooting,” Butler said.

“They don't want flowers, candy, gifts they wanna be able to wake up in the morning and see that no one was killed,” said Father Michael Pfleger.

According to crime statistics from the Chicago Police Department, in April alone, 311 people were shot and 36 of them died.

These moms say slowing those statistics starts at home.

“These kids are going to the streets because there's no love at home.  I don't want another mother standing by us.  I don't wanna see another mother bury her child,” said Elizabeth Ramirez of Parents for Peace and Justice.

United in tragedy, their voices are powerful. And in prayer, they ask for comfort.

“Whisper to them, even in their quiet moment, Happy Mother's Day,” Pfleger said.

A group of mom's had a similar request this past Easter and were pleasantly surprised that that Sunday in March was a quiet one, with no lives lost.