Group calls for resources, housing for Afghan refugees arriving in Chicago this February

A group of Afghan refugees will be arriving in Chicago over the next few weeks and the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago says they need our help.

The group says the situation is dire, and they need housing and community support to consider adopting families until they can get back on their feet.

The CIOGC has been entrusted with resettling 100 individuals and refugee families from Afghanistan. They are expected to arrive in Chicago starting Tuesday through Feb. 15.


"They're out, as you've seen on the videos they were evacuated from Afghanistan," CIOGC President Irshad Khan said. "They came with nothing on them and they still don't have nothing on them, and it is on us to help and support them in this resettlement process."

The CIOGC estimates the monthly cost of supporting one refugee is $1,700.

The additional help needed besides housing is providing food, clothing, helping with applications for government benefits and obtaining social security numbers.

The goal is to help the refugees assimilate so they can eventually obtain gainful employment.

If you're interested in helping Afghan refugees in Chicago, click here.