Half of Black Friday deals 'not all they're cracked up to be'

Diariocritico de Venezuela | Flickr

Think you're getting the cheapest deals by shopping on Black Friday? You may be mistaken, according to new research.

Which? claims major retailers such as Amazon, Argos and Currys may have sold some of last year's most desirable gadgets and appliances at lower prices in the weeks before and after Black Friday.

When Black Friday fell on 27 November last year, 12% of the deals were more expensive than they had been in the three months leading up to the event - and in the two months that followed, 38% could have been found at a lower price. That means eager shoppers who have camped outside stores through the night could have saved themselves a lot of effort.

Which? tracked 178 deals on 20 types of products - and also alleges it found "numerous" examples of AO and Currys breaking Government guidelines by inflating the "was" price on products to make deals look more attractive.

Pete Moorey, Which? head of campaigns, said: "Shoppers might be surprised to learn that only half of Black Friday deals are actually cheapest on Black Friday. If you're thinking about starting your Christmas shopping around Black Friday, do your research as some 'deals' may not be all they are cracked up to be."

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