'He was fearless': Gilbert Gottfried performed in Chicago area hundreds of times during his life

On the stage, on the big screen and in cartoons — Gilbert Gottfried did it all. He died after a long battle with heart disease at the age of 67.

Gottfried performed at Zanies comedy club in Chicago and Rosemont hundreds of times. He'll be remembered for his quick wit and say anything routine.

That roaring, high pitched voice is unmistakable.

The Brooklyn-born comedian started stand-up at the age of 15.

"He was fearless on stage. He would say whatever came to his mind. If he thought it was funny, he said it," said Rick Gieser, Zanies publicist.

Gieser spent countless hours with Gottfried.

"Anything could come out of his mouth. He was, he was inappropriate sometimes. People might say too soon, I say the only thing too soon is that he's gone too soon," Gieser said.


Some of his most memorable roles were as fowl: the parrot in Aladdin and the duck in the Aflac commercials.

Gottfried appeared in comedy classics like "Beverly Hills Cop 2" and "Problem Child 2."

"He was somewhat shy and he was a very sweet man. He was very kind personally to my son and to my wife," Gieser said.

Gottfried leaves behind a wife, with whom he was married for 25 years, and two children.

His family released a statement Tuesday: "Although today is a sad day for all of us, please keep laughing as loud as possible in Gilbert's honor."