Hinsdale South senior returns to basketball team after mom's lawsuit

A senior at Hinsdale South High School has been reinstated to the school's basketball team following a lawsuit filed by his mother.

The news came Tuesday morning, as Erin Savage's attorney informed her of the positive development.

The lawsuit alleged that Savage's son was unfairly excluded from the team this year as an act of retaliation. According to the claims, the retaliation stemmed from the senior accusing a former coach of verbal abuse, which led to the coach's demotion.

While the all-conference senior is back on the team, the school district has not provided details on whether he will see playing time. Savage has not dropped the lawsuit and says she will continue to monitor the situation closely.

"This is about what I feel is retaliation of his First Amendment rights," Savage’s lawyer, Steven Glink, had told the Chicago Sun-Times before the teen was re-instated.

"He spoke out against the coach. They substantiated it. The coach got demoted. He tries out for the team, he’s All-Conference as a sophomore and junior and now he doesn’t make the team as a senior? That doesn’t pass the smell test in my book."

FOX 32 has not yet seen a response from the Hinsdale High School District regarding the lawsuit.