Hoffman Estates man charged with assaulting and kidnapping girlfriend denied pre-trial release

Christopher Krontiris | DuPage County Sheriff's Office

A Hoffman Estates man accused of assaulting and kidnapping his girlfriend has been ordered to remain in custody before his trial. The decision was made by Judge Jeffrey MacKay, following a motion by the state to detain the suspect pre-trial.

Christopher Krontiris, 25, was charged with aggravated kidnapping and home invasion with a dangerous weapon, both classified as Class X felonies, along with aggravated domestic battery.

On Saturday, a 24-year-old woman was reported missing by her family. Investigation revealed that the victim and Krontiris had an argument at a bar in Hanover Park. Police removed Krontiris from the bar while the victim left for a house she was housesitting in Bartlett.

According to prosecutors, Krontiris entered the house through an unlocked door and attacked the victim upon her arrival. The assault included pushing the victim into walls, repeated strikes, choking, and dragging her along the floor, resulting in significant bruising. Krontiris also allegedly brandished a nine-inch kitchen knife, inflicting cuts on her forehead and back.

Krontiris allegedly confiscated the victim’s phone and forced her into her vehicle at knifepoint. He then drove her to Michigan and subsequently to Michigan City, Indiana. During the kidnapping, Krontiris reportedly made numerous threats against the victim’s life.

Law enforcement agencies, including those from Michigan City and the FBI, took Krontiris into custody in Indiana. He was returned to Illinois to face charges.

DuPage County State’s Attorney Robert Berlin expressed his shock at the nature of the allegations. "The violent beating, choking, threatening at knifepoint, and abduction, as alleged in this case, of an innocent woman will not be tolerated and will be met with the full force of the law," DuPage County State’s Attorney Robert Berlin said in a statement

Krontiris' next court appearance is scheduled for July 22 before Judge Mia McPherson.