Homewood students become ill after ingesting product resembling Cap'n Crunch cereal

Several students at a south suburban school became ill this week after ingesting a potentially illegal substance which resembled a popular cereal brand.

On Monday, officials at James Hart School in Homewood became aware of the incident after a student reported feeling ill to the school nurse, according to a statement from principal Kimberly L. Johnson.

The eighth-grade student told school officials they received a package that looked like Cap'N Crunch cereal from a fellow classmate.

In a letter to parents, Johnson said school administration conducted an investigation and learned other students also ingested the same product, which may have been infused with illegal substances.

(James Hart School)

"Today we learned that several 8th grade students ate a cereal look-a-like item that contained unknown (and possibly illegal) substances," Johnson said in the letter. "We have contacted the families of the students who we know ingested some of the item and they are seeking medical attention, but we suspect there may be more students."


Each of the students who school officials determined had ingested the product have reportedly recovered, Johnson said.

She went on to advise parents and guardians to ask their children if they came into contact with the substance and to seek medical attention if their child ate the product.

While school officials did not reveal what the substance in the product was, Johnson asked parents to be on the lookout for products in packaging that resemble popular name brand items with THC listed as an ingredient.

Johnson said the Homewood Police Department was made aware of the incident.