Hoosier Mama Pie Company working in overdrive to fill 1,700 orders ahead of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is almost here which means pie season is in full swing. 

The bakers at Hoosier Mama Pie Company are preparing 1,700 pies for Thanksgiving.

Owner Paula Haney said this is the busiest season and, naturally, the most popular pie is pumpkin, followed by apple and Hoosier Sugar Cream, their signature pie.

Lead baker Marroz Franklin advises home bakers to make pies one day in advance of the holiday, not on the day of. Pie needs time to set or when you cut into it, the filling will be runny. 

They spray the pie tin with oil and dust it with flour. She demonstrated how to crimp crust. Rather than cutting off the excess dough, she folded it under, making sure the crust lies against the pie pan. She used her thumb and forefinger on one hand, and the thumb of the other hand, to pinch the pie crust edges. 


The bakers said you should allow six hours to make a pie. 

Haney has shared her secret pie crust recipe in "The Book of Pie, Deluxe Recipes" which includes step-by-step instructions and photographs showing how to make the perfect pie crust. 

She  Christmas season and New Year’s Eve are the next busiest times when pie is in demand.