Hostages released from Jacksonville bank robbery scene

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Eleven people are "shaken up" but safe, deputies say, two hours after they were taken hostage during an apparent bank robbery attempt in Jacksonville.

The scene unfolded just after 9 a.m. at a Community First Credit Union location on West Edgewood Avenue. Deputies say a suspect walked into the bank and threatened several people with a gun.

The sheriff's office initially said they weren't sure how many hostages were inside.  A 911 caller reported a robbery in progress and a subsequent caller said one person had been shot.

"We know multiple people are being held hostage inside the bank by a suspect who is armed with a handgun," s spokesperson said.

SWAT and negotiators rushed to the scene. The sheriff's office asked citizens and the media to avoid the immediate area of the bank and to refrain from posting photos of the scene on social media.

Just after 11 a.m., two people who had been hiding in the bank slipped out, distracting the gunman. That's when the SWAT team decided to make their move and storm the bank, ultimately freeing the remaining hostages.

The suspect is now in custody.  The sheriff said he had entered the bank with a dog, and the animal is now safe.

Detectvies said the hostages told them the suspect had held a gun to several of their heads, but no one was actually shot or injured other than being shaken up, deputies clarified.

The sheriff's office initially identified the suspect as DeAndre Shumer, but later said that was incorrect. They now say the gunman was Nicholas Daquan Humphrey, 23.