Huge early voting numbers in Chicago

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CHICAGO (FOX 32 news) -- On Tuesday, Illinois residents will head to the polls for the March 15th primary, but hundreds of thousands have already voted in Chicago and Cook County.

Election officials have reported record breaking early voting numbers. As of Sunday in suburban Cook county more than 101,000 have voted and in the city of Chicago 130,000 residents have cast their ballots.

“Which is about 61 percent higher than 2008 which was our previous high for a presidential primary,” said Jim Allen, spokesperson with the city of Chicago Election Board. “What it shows is not necessarily that we are going to have 62 percent higher turnout what it shows is that more people are accustomed to and used to and comfortable with using early voting.”

Some early voters say there is an increase in interest in this primary.

“Definitely here in Chicago with what just happened this weekend and so much polarizing content as we go into this election,” said early voter Omari Jinaki.

He told FOX32 shortly after casting his ballot Sunday afternoon that this is a historic time - with a woman leading the democratic race, and a non-politician on top of the GOP.

“I am getting a lot of conversation from people who are 18, 19, 20-25 who are just really excited about their candidates,” said Jinaki.

There is one more day of early voting for Chicago, Cook County and all collar counties on Monday.

Election officials say the big early voting turnout should help ease the lines at the polls on Tuesday.
Some voters are just looking forward to Wednesday.

“It’s just too far off the charts as far as the rhetoric,” said early voter John Nauman. “I am looking forward to it being over.”

If you are not registered or need to change address you can do that on Election Day.

You just need to go to your proper polling place.

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