Hundreds gather on the West Side, demanding closure of CPD's Homan Square facility

Fresh off what they are calling a victory, protesters have once again gathered. This time, in Homan Square.
The protest follows the removal of two statues of Christopher Columbus, and demonstrators say they have more demands for change. 

“What we learned from the mass shooting on 79th is that police don’t keep us safe,” said Trina Reynolds-Tyler of the Black Abolitionist Network. 

Hundreds of people rallied on Chicago’s West Side to demand the defunding of CPD and the closure of the department’s Homan Square facility. 

Organizers claim the facility symbolizes how policing as a system is oppressive and abusive. 

“The South and West Sides prove that policing does not solve violence. If anything the investment in policing perpetuates violence,” said Damon Williams,  #LetUsBreathe Collective

Speakers also celebrated the removal of the Christopher Columbus statue in Grant Park, which was taken down overnight. 

“I am joyful that the statue of Columbus came down because you all took it down,” said Rossana Rodriguez, Alderman of the 33rd ward.

Just one week ago, protesters tried toppling the statue themselves, which then turned into a violent clash between police and demonstrators.

“The way we solve violence is healthy communities and healthy relationships,” said Williams.