Hundreds rally downtown for trans rights, solidarity

More than a thousand people came together Friday downtown to march in solidarity for the transgender community.

Stephanie Skora, Trans Liberation march organizer, said the crowds’ numbers could be recordsetting.

"If we get the kind of turnout that we're expecting, we’re thinking this is going to be one of the largest gathering of trans people in history."

People from all walks of life, different gender identities or gender nonconforming gathered at the corner of Wacker Drive and Wabash Avenue across from the Trump Tower.

Many at the protest said President Donald Trump is rolling back protections for those in their community.

"We're not going to let an unfortunate man in the White House tell us who we are, what we can be or bar us from public life because we're not going away," Skora said.

Several at the Trans Liberation Protest said the violence being committed against transwomen and transmen needs to be addressed. Organizers stressed that the problem is especially an issue among transwomen of color.

The group said there have been at least seven murders across the country this year alone. 

Many at the rally Friday night said their goal is to help better peoples' understanding of transgender issues.
They would also like to see the protections they felt they had under President Barack Obama, be adopted by President Trump.