Illinois congresswoman accuses GOP of using asylum seekers as bargaining chips

Illinois Congresswoman Delia Ramirez blasted Republicans Wednesday on the House floor.

The first-term Democrat accused the GOP of using asylum seekers as scapegoats and bargaining chips in budget negotiations.

"There are 11.5 million people ready to help fill the almost nine million open jobs right now," Ramirez said. "Those open jobs are disrupting the supply chain and they're increasing inflation."

"These immigrants are ready to support the 245 million Americans, many of them living in our own communities, living in counties with shrinking populations. They are ready to invest in housing markets and they are ready to grow our local economies," she added.

Ramirez is the proud daughter of immigrants and is co-leading the bipartisan American Dream and Promise Act to speed up the process of getting new arrivals permits to begin working.