Durbin calls for more gun control, says Highland Park police were 'up against a mighty weapon'

Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin is calling for more action on gun safety in the wake of a mass shooting in Highland Park.

Durbin spoke on the Senate floor Thursday saying even with police all over the place, no one could stop the deadly attack from happening.

"They're doing an amazing job, and we should pay tribute to them and what they did. But even they, being present and armed could not stop this from happening," Durbin said.


"They were up against a mighty weapon, a weapon we trust for the military, we trust for the police. A weapon which has no place in the hands of people like the shooter in Highland Park on the Fourth of July."

Durbin pushed for a ban on assault rifles and other measures to help curb the violence.

The House Judiciary Committee approved the first assault weapons ban bill in decades. It's now moving to the full House, but it's quite uncertain if there's enough votes for it pass.