Illinois Education Association calls on lawmakers, schools to address increased violence within schools

The state's largest teachers union is calling on Illinois lawmakers and schools to address violence.

The Illinois Education Association is calling on all school districts to immediately comply with all state school safety laws in the wake of the Oxford High School shooting in Michigan.

The IEA is the state's largest union. It says it's getting reports of increased violence in all schools across the state.

The union is calling on lawmakers to track which school districts are following the "School Threat Assessment" law, which allows schools to use county sales tax to pay for school resources officers and mental health professionals.


Right now, the teachers union says some schools are following the law but there is no way to track who is following it and who’s not.

"We believe the pandemic is contributing to increased trauma for our students and that's likely one of the reasons students are acting out," said Illinois Education Association President Kathi Griffin. "Our educators should not have to constantly worry about their safety and the safety of their students. They're under enough stress already,"

State representatives are working with the union on a new bill to track which school districts are not in compliance.