Illinois lawmakers close to approving energy deal

Illinois lawmakers meeting in a special session say they are close to an agreement on new energy legislation.

Critics complain it could cost consumers hundreds of dollars a year in higher electric bills.

One of the core issues is the demand by ComEd's parent company, Exelon, for millions of dollars in new subsidies for its nuclear power plants — or the electricity giant will in a few days move to shut down one of those plants with more shutdowns looming.

Environmentalists and Gov. JB Pritzker favor the nuclear plants because they do not emit carbon or other gases that contribute to climate change.

The governor downstate on Tuesday said he thinks the deal could be done soon.


"Everybody's been working really all night, into the morning and will be continuing to do so until we're able to either reach an agreement or not. But I'm intending we'll be able to reach an agreement at this point," Pritzker said.

A new proposal is being unveiled right now at a committee hearing in the state capitol. It is not clear yet whether it has the votes to pass.

Also on the agenda in Springfield is a new version of legislative district boundaries, drawn exclusively by the super-majority Democrats, much to the consternation of Republicans who accuse Gov. Pritzker of abandoning his promise to push for a fair remap.