Illinois lawmakers weigh in on first presidential debate

Republican lawmakers in Chicago who strongly support Donald Tump say he won last night's debate, noting Joe Biden at times called the president a "clown."

“I don't like the rhetoric that came out of the Biden campaign. But perhaps I didn't like it on both sides. They need to have a civil discussion,” said State Rep. Andrew Chesney

Democrats point to the president, not Biden, for repeatedly breaking debate rules and reducing it to a chaotic cacophony of crosstalk, They say the president lost.

 “We are tired of the chaos. We're tired of the lies, the questioning, the lack of depth, the rambling, the incoherent presentation of Donald Trump,” said State Rep. Ann Williams.

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While the president said Wednesday that he opposes white supremacist groups. He was vague when questioned last night about the notorious “Proud Boys.”

It became a democratic talking point.

“Like most Americans, I was stunned by the president’s refusal last night to condemn white supremacists,” said Sen. Dick Durbin.

“The president needed to be clearer that we as Republicans condemn white supremacists. We condemn all extremists, including antifa. But the real focus of this race will hopefully be on taxes and who can guide this economy in the future,” said State Rep. David McSweeney.

While some democrats in Washington suggest Biden should skip the final two scheduled debates, a veteran lawmaker here strongly disagrees.

“Joe Biden has a story. He has a plan. And that's what America wants to hear. They want to hear what a president is going to do around COVID, around the economy, around climate change,” said State Sen. Sarah Feigenholtz.