Illinois man crashed into Kane County sheriff's officer, prosecutors say

An Illinois man has been hit with multiple charges after allegedly crossing into oncoming traffic and striking a Kane County Sheriff's police officer who was also behind the wheel.

The incident occurred on October 23, 2023. According to prosecutors, 53-year-old Indalecio Munoz of Marseilles was driving in a commercial motor vehicle on Illinois Route 47 when he crossed into oncoming traffic and struck another vehicle head-on. That vehicle was being driven by Kane County Sheriff's Detective Brian Anderson, who was on-duty at the time.

Anderson suffered serious injuries in the crash. An investigation revealed several vehicle violations by Munoz, prosecutors said.

A judge ordered Munoz to be released from custody with certain conditions pending trial. He may not drive any motor vehicle, nor consume alcohol. He's also not allowed to consume any intoxicating compounds nor have contact with Detective Anderson.

Indalecio Munoz

Munoz was charged with the following:

  • Commercial Motor Vehicle Violations (Class 3 Felony) – 5 counts
  • Aggravated Reckless Driving (Class 4 Felony) – 1 count
  • Commercial Motor Vehicle Violations (Class C Misdemeanor) – 1 count
  • Commercial Motor Vehicle Violations (Petty Offense) – 12 counts
  • Improper Lange Usage (Petty Offense) – 1 count
  • Overweight on Registration (Petty Offense) – 1 count

Munoz is due back in court on March 7.