Illinois reports more than 3,000 COVID-19 cases Friday amid growing calls to reopen state

“I want as much as everybody else does for everybody to get back to move towards normalcy. But I also want to say that I’m not going to do it until I know we are safe. And it isn't going to be because some protester has a sign that says 'liberate Illinois',” Governor JB Pritzker said Friday.

The governor is standing his ground, despite the growing calls to open the state. But there are signs we are moving past the peak.

McCormick Place had turned into the state’s largest field hospital meant to treat COVID-19 patients. Now, it’s being dismantled -- everything except the negative pressure tents for the virus, just in case.

This is a sign we are moving in the right direction, but the governor needs more evidence.

Governor Pritzker says he is working towards the White House plans of reopening.

“We have to get past the peak, which we're not past downstate or in Cook County or in the collar counties. We're not past it yet,” Pritzker said.

Based on the reported data during the week, Monday to Friday, the number of tests per day have stayed between 12,000 and 15,000. But the number of positive cases continues to climb, to more than 3,100 on Friday.

Across the state, some local leaders are pushing back, proclaiming they will not follow or enforce the extended stay-at-home order.

“It's a good thing that we've expanded testing across the state because a lot of people are going to get sick and need to be tested in those areas,” the governor said.

Prtizker remains dedicated to his plan of testing, tracing and treatment. Testing has been ramping up and soon, contact tracing will start -- an $80-million endeavor set to begin this month.

“We will let people know before symptoms start that they could become ill. In the context of a very infectious virus. This is our primary tool for identifying potential asymptomatic spreaders,” Pritzker said.

Still, the governor is hinting at a possible regional reopening when it is time, and that is if a region has enough ICU bed and ventilator availability in case there is a surge in COVID-19 cases.