Illinois Senate approves hybrid model for Chicago Board of Education

A bill that would alter the makeup of the Chicago Board of Education reached the Illinois General Assembly after passage in the state Senate on Tuesday.

The proposal rescinds the current plan for a fully-elected school board and creates a hybrid board, with the Mayor of Chicago appointing the board president and half of the board members, while the other half would be elected.

Under the measure, the transition to a fully-elected Chicago Board of Education would occur in 2027, after the 2026 elections.

"The Senate approved the bill in the fall that would allow 20 fully-elected districts. We're wondering why are you going back on that? Why are you rescinding that? And we're warning you that this is harmful to our community," said Natasha Dunn, Executive Director of Black Community Collaborative.

If the bill passes in the House and is signed by the Governor, it would take effect immediately.